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Mail your application and payment to:. After favorable review of your application, you will be asked to sign the regulating permit indicating that you have read and will abide by the special conditions listed. Please keep a copy of the permit for yourself.

NOM Challenge to Maine's Disclosure Law | Maine Citizens for Clean Elections

The approved permit must be in your possession at the time of the ceremony. Entrance fees into the park are not waived for either participants or guests.

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When permits are not required: Simple ceremonies of up to ten people including the officiate may be conducted without a permit, subject to the following restrictions:. All vehicles must be parked in designated areas and not off-road. Event participants are encouraged to carpool, utilize the Island Explorer, or use shuttle vehicles from outlying parking areas.

The use of voice amplification, any sort of public address system, or any audio device is prohibited. To protect parklands and wildlife, the releasing of balloons, doves, or butterflies and the throwing of rice, birdseed, flower petals, or other natural or artificial material is not allowed.

The ceremony may not interfere with other park visitors' use of the area or the normal flow of vehicle or pedestrian traffic in any way. Participants should stay on sand, trails, rock surfaces, or other durable surfaces during the ceremony.

Marital Property and Separate Property

Click here to download the Application for Special Use Permit. The permit does not allow your ceremony to restrict other park visitors from your chosen location, nor does it guarantee you a specific site. To have more privacy, it is recommended that you avoid sites that attract a large number of visitors, or schedule your ceremony for early or late in the day. Time allowed for outdoor events is normally one hour or less. Maximum usage limits have been established for certain areas in the park. Generally permits are more likely to be accepted if they involve less then 30 people. Parties of 50 or more are usually limited to the picnic areas.

Cadillac Mountain : Specific use limits have been established for Cadillac Mountain. Permits will not be accepted for groups of more than 20 participants or ceremonies at sunrise or sunset. Arrangements for use of the concession services and facilities for ceremonies, receptions, and transportation may be made by contacting the concessionaires directly.

The license is valid in any community in Maine for a period of 90 days from the date the intentions are filed. Note: Couples who maintain separate Maine residences must apply in one of the communities of residence. After many months of delay, the district court proceedings finally came to a head in August, The plaintiffs requested a decision by the end of the month, so the schedule was expedited, but things didn't go NOM's way.

With two limited exceptions, the district court upheld Maine's campaign finance disclosure laws and rules.

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The judge found one phrase in Maine's law to be unconstitutionally vague, and he struck that down. He also found one element of our independent expenditure reporting schedule to be overly burdensome, so he struck that, too. One of the cases cited repeatedly by Judge Hornby in upholding Maine's disclosure statues is none other than Citizens United. The silver lining in that otherwise black cloud was the U.

Now THIS Is How To Have A Maine Wedding

Supreme Court's affirmation of the constitutionality of disclosure in campaign finance law, which figured prominently in Judge Hornby's reasoning. On August 11, the Court of Appeals issued a decision upholding Maine's disclosure law with respect to candidate elections. Writing for the First Circuit, Judge Kermit Lipez stated that Maine's disclosure laws "promote the dissemination of information about those who deliver and finance political speech, thereby encouraging efficient operation of the marketplace of ideas.

After decades of being out of power in state government, conservatives, often directly led by MHPC, relentlessly ran six anti-tax ballot measures, and twice tried to block anti-LGBT discrimination laws, including an initially successful repeal of marriage equality in Then, in , progressive began to take this tool of democracy back, with the successful passage of marriage equality.

The early two thousands saw a slew of anti-LGBT ballot measures score victories across the south, with Karl Rove using them as a strategic tool to generate conservative turnout. But just as marriage equality movement refused to adopt an anti-democracy stance after these losses, instead deciding to redefine its persuasion strategies to win a majority of public opinion, so everyone in politics should use electoral defeat as a reason for self-reflection and self-improvement — not complaining about democracy.

That is why MPA has continued to use the ballot to work towards a vision of economic justice, and why it is so terrible for MHPC to choose political convenience over principle, time and again. We must be straightforward about what it will take to fix our economy: higher wages, the provision of basic public goods, like home care and education, through taxing the wealthy.

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In the long run, straightforward advocacy of principles attracts the kind of durable support real change requires. Until then, however, we need to at least become as good at using the referendum process as MHPC was ten years ago. Ben Chin is the political engagement director for the Maine People's Alliance. Maine Governor Paul LePage has said several times in recent town halls and during right-wing radio show appearances that he plans to challenge Sen.