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He continued to correspond with Washington and even struck up an exchange with Cornwallis, whom he met on a trip to England in Rochambeau attempted to retire from active duty but was thwarted by the intensification of the French Revolution, begun in The King's deposition and execution by the anti-aristocrat revolutionaries and the rise of Robespierre, however, put Rochambeau's life in danger when he was arrested and imprisoned in Paris during the Reign of Terror in Robespierre's death in ended the Terror and thereby cancelled Rochambeau's date with the guillotine.

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In the process, Dessalines became arguably the most successful military commander in the struggle against Napoleonic France. He also enriched the collections with new acquisitions, in particular ones contributed by the military campaigns of his son, Auguste-Philippe Donatien de Vimeur , who served as the aide-de-camp for Joachim Murat and was with Murat's cavalry in the Russian campaign in He was mortally wounded in the Battle of Nations , and died three days later at Leipzig , at the age of In addition to his legitimate son, Vimeur was survived by an illegitimate son, Lewis Warrington , conceived in Williamsburg, Virginia , when Vimeur was a young officer serving with his father in America during the Revolutionary War.

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  • His instructions required his troops to act as auxiliaries to the Americans, yielding them the place of honor, and he was to maintain good relations with the them. If the British triumphed, he was to withdraw his force to Saint Domingue.

    Donatien-Marie-Joseph de Vimeur, vicomte de Rochambeau - Wikipedia

    Up until his arrival in America, the French alliance had been a frustrating disappointment to the Patriots, owing largely to the failures of Rochambeau's predecessor, Estaing. The British fleet promptly bottled up Ternay. Rochambeau was, because of his instructions, hesitant to commit to battle without clear superiority. Since Washington did not understand French and Rochambeau did not understand English, Washington sought to use Lafayette as a mediator between the two.

    Yet when Lafayette tried to advise the old veteran on the unique nature of American combat, Rochambeau took offense, particularly as he was unclear which part of the advice was Washington's and which Lafayette's. With irritation and delicacy, Rochambeau wrote the impatient youth that in resisting his appeals, "Allow an old father to reply to you as a cherished son whom he loves and esteems immensely.

    In Newport the French forces, systematically isolated from the local population, exercised cordial relations with the Americans.


    During their stay, they put a significant quantity of specie into the American economy, an amount that has been estimated at four million dollars. At a meeting with Washington at Hartford, Rochambeau made it clear that the French would not participate in any campaign during Inactivity began to create morale problems among Rochambeau's officers.

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    Rochambeau's son, the vicomte de Rochambeau, reached Boston early in May with Admiral Barras and the bad news that the second division of French forces would not come; the good news, however, was that admiral Grasse was headed for the West Indies and would be available in "July or August. Events led ultimately to Cornwallis's isolation on the Yorktown peninsula; Grasse's arrival in the Chesapeake, which closed off any British evacuation; and the superiority of land and naval forces that would result in the Yorktown siege.

    Rochambeau, Jean-Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur, Comte de

    According to Captain Ludwig von Closen, Rochambeau had already participated in fourteen sieges. Rochambeau and Washington made plans with Grasse in a meeting on 17 September and the admiral agreed to remain in the Chesapeake to the end of October. The siege commenced on 9 October and ended on 17 October. As Rochambeau would later recall, when Cornwallis's representative at the surrender ceremony tried to hand him his sword, "I pointed to General Washington … and told him that the French army being only an auxiliary on this continent, it devolved on the American General to tender him his orders. In the aftermath of Yorktown, Rochambeau began planning the campaign of , but without the naval force that would be necessary to act. At Philadelphia, Washington sought to interest him in a Canadian campaign, but Rochambeau ruled that it was beyond his instructions.