Find ip address in ubutu

List all active network interfaces on Ubuntu Server
  1. Configure Ubuntu Server 16.04 to use a static IP address

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So no need to use two methods for internal and external IP addresses. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

My Ip Address - Check IP on Linux

Learn how your comment data is processed. The IP address for a wired connection will be displayed on the right. That should display your internal network IP address….

You can also visit the site below to show your IP adress.. The site will display your external IP address for you. There are four main ways of achieving this:.

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To achieve this, Head out to the top right corner and click on the 'Network' settings icon and select on the interface connected to the network. To the right, click on the gear icon adjacent to the interface as shown below.

Configure Ubuntu Server 16.04 to use a static IP address

Once satisfied with your settings configuration, Click on the " Apply " button. Canonical introduced a new tool for network management since the advent of Ubuntu To configure a static IP address, where the IP is The next step is to identify the network interface that we need to assign a static IP address. To achieve this, run the following command.

As seen in the above 2 outputs, the interface connected to the network is enp0s3. Finally, Save the configuration file, and reboot or restart networking using the commands shown below. As we have seen in this post there are many ways you can configure static IP address on Ubuntu