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  1. Your application asks for a FEIN. How do I know if I need a FEIN? - Questions and Answers
  2. Apply for FEIN
  3. Employer Identification Number (EIN)

I suggest that you read the link.

Amazon are not going to give you an employer id number! I can only suggest, that you give them a call. The IRS will be able to advise you of exactly what is required.

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It has nothing to do with Amazon. You will need to apply to the IRS. I think it took me about 20 mins waiting and 20 mins answering their questions. At the end they will give you your EIN on the spot. If you need help, post here screenshots of all the pages which you are filling, there must be an option for you to declare that you are a non-US seller, therefore not required to provide this.

Your application asks for a FEIN. How do I know if I need a FEIN? - Questions and Answers

I believe I did. We are present on US market and already sold some items and this is why we want to register us to collect and pay Sales Tax. The US accountant asked for this number and he is convinced ha cant register us without this. Be sure to undertake extensive due dilligence: even though you are still selling in certain states, you may be well below the threshold required to register. Once you do, it opens a big can of worms.

In some states, registering for sales tax will also make you liable for state corporation tax. As for the FEIN, once you have it, you will be obliged to file federal corporation tax returns.

Apply for FEIN

Even though the UK have a recipricol tax treaty, you still need to file in the US. Failure so do so will result in fines being issued by the IRS. Trusts, estates, corporations, partnerships or nonprofit organizations churches, clubs, etc. If you are a Sole Proprietor, file only one Form SS-4, Application for Federal Employer Identification Number, regardless of the number of businesses operated or the number of trade names under which a business operates.