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Social Security Trace Report
  1. Why is a SSN required, and what does Checkr do with it?

If you are looking for candidates for an open position, you should conduct thorough background checks before hiring someone. DataCheck has helped businesses of all kinds across the United States conduct thorough background checks on job applicants.

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This can be accidental or it might be intentional. Also, when people jointly apply for credit, the other names and associated address histories may appear under one social security number on the Social Security Number Trace. The information reported in Social Security Number Trace usually goes back 3 to 10 years.

Why is a SSN required, and what does Checkr do with it?

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About ESR. The Social Security Number SSN Trace associates a given name and SSN number against databases assembled from private sector sources and serves primarily as a locater tool to establish likely jurisdictions to search for public records. The inclusion of information from the SSN Trace is only provided to confirm that the service was performed.