327 chevy engine block id numbers

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Also some of the later blocks have the size of the motor shown in liters. You may see a "5.

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On the side of some later blocks the last three digits of the block casting number are cast into the block, but these are difficult to see when the engine is in a vehicle. The block casting date indicates when the block itself was cast in the foundry. This date does not indicate when the motor was assembled and then later placed into the vehicle at the factory. The block casting date is usually found on the rear ledge of the block on the passenger side, but some later model blocks have the casting date on the driver's side of the rear ledge.

Chevy V8 Block Casting Number Locations

Some of the early big blocks made in the Sixties have the block casting date located on the passenger side of the block near the freeze plug holes. On these, if the early big block is in the car you will have to get under the motor to see the casting date.

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Do it while the car is on a lift. The casting dates look something like this "E 12 7".

The Chevrolet Engine – OPGI Blog

The "E" stands for the month of the year with "A" being the month of January, "B" being the month of February and so on thru the letters to December. In this case the "E" stands for the month of May, the fifth month of the year and the fifth letter of the alphabet.

The "12" stands for the 12th day of the month. The "7" is the year of the decade. Now unfortunately this could be '57, '67, '77, '87 or '97 depending on which part you are looking at. Some casting dates have both the year of the decade and the decade itself.

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They look like this "E 12 77", meaning May 12, The fun starts when you have a casting date from the first nine days of the month that look like this "D 2 6". I crate motors and "ZZ4", roller cam, one piece rear seal III, "LS1", aluminum III, 5. Roller cam, one-piece rear seal Roller or flat tappet cam, one-piece rear seal One-piece rear seal Over the counter, angle plug, 64cc chamber Truck, Made in Canada Vette, 2x4 carbs GMC Truck Some marked "Made in Canada", 60cc chamber, also used by Studebaker Camel hump,no accessory holes,64cc chamber Crate motor, hp, 64cc chamber Camel hump,64cc chamber Camel hump,64cc chambers,accessory holes LT1,Camel hump,accessory holes,64cc, straight plug Goodwrench crate motors,"Hecho en Mexico", 75cc chambers Aluminum,over the counterPontiac 23' head,62cc,angle plug, cc intake port Over the counter Pontiac 15' head 55cc, angle plug, raised runner aluminum, "roll over" head Bowtie, aluminum, 55cc, angle plug raised runner, cc intake port Aluminum, 58cc, angle plug, raised "D" port exhaust, 1.

Over the counter, Pontiac 15' head aluminum,cc ports, 61cc chambers "roll over" head Bowtie, 45cc, angle plug, "low" port, cc intake port,aluminum, 18' race head NOTE: This casting has been used in many different versions of this aluminum 18' and 15' Bowtie race head. Different chamber volumes, port volumes, port locations, valve sizes, etc.

Answers others found helpful.

Check this castingcarefully to determine which features it may have. I crate motor Bowtie, aluminum, 45cc chambers, 1st version, symmetrical ports, cc intake ports, splayed valves Bowtie, aluminum, 45cc chambers, 2nd version, symmetrical ports, cc intake ports, splayed valves II, L99, 4. III, LS1, aluminum, 68cc II LT4, aluminum, reverse flow cooling, cc port, LS1 "GTZ", aluminum, 38cc, 2. Bowtie "SB2.


II, "L99", cast iron II, "LT1", aluminum Vortec, truck II, "LT4", aluminum Vortec, truck, 1. L31 Vortec, truck, 64cc chambers, 1. See alse Chevy casting numbers location. The Cylinder head casting code is one of the best ways to identify a cylinder head. It is usually found on the top of the head in between two valves and the rocker arm studs. The information contained here is as complete and accurate as possible.