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  1. Lawyers representing Barack Obama admitted that his birth certificate is a forgery?
  2. Obama’s Lawyers Officially Admit Birth Certificate is Fake
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  4. No, President Obama Hasn't Spent "Millions" To Keep His Birth Certificate Private

Lawyers representing Barack Obama admitted that his birth certificate is a forgery?

Your privacy is important to us. We have updated our privacy policy to better explain how we use data on this site. Read it here. Among those who challenge President Barack Obama's citizenship, one claim is often raised: Why would Obama spend millions of dollars defending against the lawsuits instead of simply producing his original birth certificate? That argument took on renewed life recently when it was cited by potential GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump and former Alaska Gov.

Sarah Palin. We contacted Trump's office to find out where he got the number, but we did not receive a response. Others who have used the number have cited a story from WorldNetDaily, a conservative news website that has served as a venue for news and commentary about the birth certificate controversy.

In an Oct. So that's where we started our research. We did our own tally of payments made to Perkins Coie, all of which were reported, as required by law, in quarterly disbursement reports filed to the FEC by his campaign organization, Obama for America. Not what Trump and others have assumed. Specifically, the payments by Obama for America to Perkins Coie covered all sorts of legal expenses -- not just expenses related to birth certificate issues. The FEC forms do not specify what each payment specifically went for, since that degree of detail is not required by law.

We also couldn't get additional details from Perkins Coie or the Democratic National Committee about how the legal fees were spent. However, DNC National Press Secretary Hari Sevugan told the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call in a March 31, , story that "the campaign has incurred ordinary legal expenses related to the wind-down of its operations and other legal services, which all campaigns incur, and which are proportional to the unprecedented size of this campaign. Hollister, who had filed a suit raising questions about the legitimacy of Obama's right to hold the office of president.

WND reported that Bauer -- who later left Perkins Coie to serve as White House counsel -- wrote to Hollister's attorney that "the suit is frivolous and should not be pursued. Should you decline to withdraw this frivolous appeal, please be informed that we intend to pursue sanctions, including costs, expenses and attorneys' fees Still, there are clearly lots of other expenses incurred by the Obama campaign's legal team that have nothing to do with the citizenship question.


Obama’s Lawyers Officially Admit Birth Certificate is Fake

For instance, the Republican National Committee filed a complaint with the FEC claiming that the Obama campaign had accepted donations from foreign nationals, among other alleged campaign finance infractions. All told, Roll Call reported that "the FEC has written 26 letters — totaling more than 1, pages — to the Obama campaign questioning its reports and outlining a flurry of compliance concerns. All of which can be forged or faked with various levels of difficulty. It also comes from the chain of people and processes by which a document produced and maintained; the more secure those are, the better you feel.

It is what it says, a certification of the circumstances of the birth of a baby. It allows people to prove parentage, inheritance rights, and citizenship, apply to drive, vote, get a passport or Social Security.


It also has to be right. And if the child is born on a moving conveyance, register them as if the birth occurred in the place where they were first removed from the conveyance. Much of this is to assist the compilation of vital statistics, which are of great use to demographers, planners, researchers, public health officials and the like.

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A number of kinds of legal documents are becoming natively digital. Many court systems, for example, encourage or require digital submission of filings, and electronic signatures are increasingly commonplace. Lots of other familiar printed forms—newspapers, magazines, ,checks, have already ventured down that road. Some documents, though, seem to have a more personal or legal connection, like a will or a mortgage, or seem somehow more important.

For those, it feels better, more secure, to have something tangible to hold on to, so digital versions of those seem less likely to be embraced quickly.

No, President Obama Hasn't Spent "Millions" To Keep His Birth Certificate Private

It could be, then, that this first and most basic document we get will be one of the last pieces of paper that future generations have. Todd B. Congressional Research Service. First Things and Last. Podcast Barack Obama's Birth Certificate.