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California will keeps car history for seven years, so yes you would still have to pa the back-tagged 3 years even if you registered it in Vermont first. The only way to avoid fees is to wait the seven years or get into litigation with person who sold you the car. A friend car got towed and recieve a letter for collection.

She makung a smart moved to go online and did a transfer release liabilty through dmv after her car got towed 9 days ago. She want to avoid getting charges for her non op vehicle. She did an online and transfer to my name without discuss it with me. Will my name be automarically assign as new onwer to the vehicle and do i get bill fir tge tow?

If the car is transferred to your name, the title and registration will be in your name. Its been 60 days, the truck now has expired california tags and has no insurance, parked in my driveway. Can i now place a lien on the title for storage,late fees and insurance or can i now resale the truck to another buyer for less money.

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For the placing a lien situation, contact an attorney for legal advice. As far as reselling the truck to another buyer, if you did not sign over the title and still have it, then you can legally resell. Keep in mind that the Canadian buyer may have a valid legal claim if he paid for the vehicle.

About the program

Hello, I bought a vehicle from a California resident in April of I am in the military and have been deployed while the car has been parked and in storage here in Texas. My title got sent to the wrong address and am currently in the process of doing a duplicate tittle with transfer. The registration expired in July of while here in Texas. Do I still have to pay extra fees? As my 2 proof of identification I have my military Id included.

Will that be enough proof? In order to request a Non operation status you must submit a request, pay the non op fee either 60 days before expiration or up to 90 days after expiration. If you request a duplicate title only the DMV will allow the request without paying registration fees. If a title transfer occurs the new owner will be responsible for any registration and late fees that are due at the time of transfer. Hi, I co-own a Vehicle with my son in California, he has finished paying the vehicle off and we now have the title. I went to DMV with title to remove my name from the title so it could be only in his now.

But they told me he had to sign the title to accept sole responsibility for it. So I am confused. Is DMV person giving me correct information. Poor woman was at DMV 3 times in one day. So I found this website hoping for additional information while I wait for my son to return home.

More than 60% of all used cars imported from the U.S. to Europe have a negative history

Thank you. A new owner must sign to accept sole responsibility. And you, the mom, must sign to release responsibility. It sounds like you were advised correctly by the DMV.

What do you need to register a vehicle in alberta

Hope this helps! Hello, looking at purchasing a lien sale car In California. How do I register it in Az and get a title? Hello, I recently purchased a used truck with a salvage title from a private party in Ca. He had just bought it from someone else who had it registered as non-op and got the tags and everything.

Title Transfers in California

I purchased it from him less than 90 days from this and went to the DMV to transfer the title to my name within the 10 days. I got an incomplete title due to no smog. I have contacted the seller see if he can provide it for me but I am performing some repairs and it will not pass smog as it stands. Hi Gor, thanks for your question.

Without full details on the vehicle, here is what we can assume: Since the vehicle was in non-op status it is not likely that it has been smogged within the last 90 days since, among other reasons, the non-op status is used to keep the vehicle registration current when it is known that smog cannot be passed and so vehicle will not be driven.


Essentially, we assume that the smog needs to be completed by you once the vehicle is ready. Hi, and thanks for your reply.

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The person I bought it from had it registered under his name and tagged and was driving it. This also happened around a month ago so within the 90 days. It would be valid to use with transfer. However, if the DMV acknowledging the smog done in 90 days, there was likely an issue with that smog inspection. Sold my car last year but I forgot to transfer the car, and the new owner never did too. I dont know what he did to the car but the car is still under my name and says that I have a fee to pay how do I dilute this problem.

Hi, My car is registered in California and I live here. However, I have an out-of-state title that I need to transfer to being a California title. I am not selling my car, just want my Texas title to become a California one. I got my Texas title mailed to me. I am buying a car from Washington state that has been Non-Op since and need to register and transfer title in California.

I asked the seller if it had been registered as Non-Op and he said that Washington does not do non-ops. Will I have to pay back registration in Cali even though there is no non-op provision in Washington?

Plug-in electric vehicles in California

Hi Darren, California will only collect back taxes for vehicles that have previously been registered in California within the last 7 years. If it has never been registered in California or if it has been more than 7 years since it was last registered in California, there would be no back taxes due. We hope that helps. Thanks in advance. My sister wants to gift me a PT Cruiser, she owes a month or two of registration fees, will that be transferred to me as the new owner? Everything you need to know for transferring your vehicle title when buying, selling, or moving to the state of California. Facebook Twitter linkedIn. You may also like.

How to fill out the back of a California Title When Buying or Selling a Vehicle

Peggy Courtney October 29, - am i did a title transfer on a car i just bought and all paper work was done and paid for then they tell me i have to get a smog done before i can get the title, i am selling it to a person in arizona and they want to smog it in ariz. Jim October 21, - am I have a car registered and titled in Pennsylvania in my name. Jim October 22, - am do I assign the title to my daughter? A separate bill of sale is not required; however, both the seller and buyer may want to complete a bill of sale and each keep a copy for their own records. NOTE: When checking DMV issued documents for the following ensure that you are reviewing an original document and not a photocopy possibly altered.

In , California added a special box for odometer mileage reading disclosure and acknowledgment to the Certificates of Title. In , California began issuing the current Certificate of Title which is pink with a blue border. The example below indicates where to complete the current Certificate of Title to change ownership on the 7 by 8- inch title.

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  6. The change is usually due to: Sale, gift, or donation. Adding or deleting the name of an owner. Satisfaction of lien full payment of car loan. What Documents Are Required? New being transferred prior to its first retail sale by a dealer. Is a Smog Inspection Required? When a gas-powered vehicle that is more than four model years old or a diesel-powered vehicle that is a year-model or newer and has a GVW of 14, pounds or less is sold, the seller must obtain a smog certification for the transfer unless biennial smog certification was obtained within the last 90 days agreement required see REG form or the vehicle is: and older year-model and gas-powered.

    Diesel-powered and weighs 14, pounds or more GVW. Equipped with a two-cycle engine. Natural gas-powered and weighs 14, pounds or more GVW. A motorcycle. A trailer.