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  1. Idaho State Police Releases Email Notification Program Identifying Sex Offenders | citydesk
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Idaho State Police Releases Email Notification Program Identifying Sex Offenders | citydesk

Like Michigan, Idaho requires registrants to immediately report in person even minor changes in their information, such as a new online ID or a newly borrowed car. Failing to do so within two days is a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Registrants also have to report in advance any trip lasting longer than seven days, and if they travel to another state they are subject to its restrictions, which may be different and hard to figure out. The lawsuit says Idaho's "reporting, surveillance, and supervision requirements" for sex offenders "are similar to, but more restrictive and onerous than, the reporting, surveillance, and supervision that the plaintiffs experienced while serving their sentences on probation or parole.

The plaintiffs note as the 6th Circuit did the lack of evidence that these requirements actually make the public safer, which is the rationale for viewing them as regulations rather than penalties. These results reflect the fact that sex offender registration and the attendant consequences exacerbate risk factors for recidivism, such as lack of employment and housing, and prevent healthy reintegration into the community.

Scam targets registered sex offenders

The lawsuit also argues that some provisions of Idaho's law are unconstitutionally vague. It is not clear, for example, whether a registrant commits a felony by signing up for Netflix or changing his Amazon user ID and failing to notify police in person! Other claims involve double jeopardy, cruel and unusual punishment, freedom of travel, and religious freedom since churches may be within feet of a school. This month the U. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, which includes Idaho, ruled that a state appeals court "was not unreasonable" in holding that Arizona's sex offender registry was mainly regulatory rather than punitive.

That decision does not bode well for the challenge to Idaho's law, but it does not preclude success either, even on the ex post facto claim.

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Idaho's law is more burdensome than Arizona's in some respects, and the 9th Circuit did not independently assess Arizona's law in this month's ruling, which involved a habeas corpus petition filed by a sex offender sentenced to prison for failing to register. The 9th Circuit merely concluded that the state court's decision was "neither contrary to, nor an unreasonable application of" Smith v.

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  • Police warn of scam targeting Idaho sex offenders.
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Sex offender registry snafu

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