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Network Monitoring Tools

Archived from the original html on 3 October Morpheus Difference: If you are looking to begin using IPAM, as well as other cloud services, why not try out Morpheus, which makes provisioning, scaling, and maintenance of your apps and servers a breeze. In addition to having an excellent IPAM solution, Morpheus allows you to provision databases and servers quickly, and have your app up and running in no time!

Nipap is open source Ip address management software to handle a large amount of IP Addresses. Pandora FMS Blog.

How to Configure an IP Address on an in Biometric eSSL Identix k30

Retrieved 26 November The Solarwinds IPAM offers a lot of great features that can be easily integrated into existing systems. It is the best choice for mid-size organizations as it allows the monitoring of an entire address space from a single dashboard. VitalQIP — delivered as software that runs on a standard network server -- from an architectural perspective is infinitely scalable and has full control of all DNS and DHCP services from either Web client, a native client that runs on a desktop and a command line interface.

And while they say their code is based on ISC code, it is still a proprietary implementation of the service standards. Categories : Domain name system.

What is IPAM Software?

Hidden categories: Articles with French-language external links Articles lacking reliable references from March All articles lacking reliable references. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Address Commander [6]. Subscription based managed service. BlueCat Networks [9] [10] [11]. BT Diamond IP [12] [13] [14]. MySQL , Oracle. Cisco Network Registrar [16].

DCImanager [18].

EfficientIP [21]. FusionLayer Infinity [22]. Infoblox [2] [29]. Microsoft [35] [36]. Morpheus [37] [38]. NIPAP [44] [45]. NameSurfer [46]. OpenNetAdmin [49].

https://en.ycenyxyger.gq Please note that the AP may still be functioning, this only indicates that it is unable to contact Dashboard. A repeater goes offline for x minutes Sends an email if any repeater AP is unreachable from the Dashboard for the configured number of minutes.

SMS Alerts

A gateway becomes a repeater Sends an email if a gateway AP loses its link to the network, and comes online as a repeater. For more information on this behavior, please refer to our documentation regarding Gateway vs.

Repeater APs. Please note that the MX may still be functioning, this only indicates that it is unable to contact Dashboard. The primary uplink status changes Sends an email if the status of the primary uplink changes, which could be a failover event or downed link. Cellular connection state changes Sends an email if the appliance establishes or loses its connection to the cellular network.

A warm spare failover occurs Sends an email if the primary MX of a High Availability pair fails over to the spare, or vice versa.

What is TraceMyIP.org?

A power supply goes down Sends an email if one of the removable power supplies on the MS fails. A redundant power supply is powering a switch This alert will be triggered if redundant not modular power supplies are providing power to a switch. A switch is operating at critical temperature This alert will be triggered if a switch detects that it is operating at critical temperature. Critical temperature is a serious scenario requiring serious consideration of the operating environment of the switch.

SM Alerts System Manager offers a number of advanced alert options, unique from the rest of the Meraki product line. Additional Considerations All network alerts will be sourced from the same email address. Save as PDF Email page. Last modified. Related articles There are no recommended articles. Tags dashboard alerts. Classifications This page has no classifications. Explore the Product Click to Learn More. Article ID ID: