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  4. Highlighting the History of Astronomy in the Asia-Pacific Region | SpringerLink

Adopting multicultural competencies can facilitate providing effective library services to this diverse population. This presentation aims to reset our overwhelmed productivity systems by discussing specific methods that focus on setting priorities, creating action plans, and establishing a habitual review process. A true adventure!

It can provoke a clash of cultures, bring up issues of safety and increased expenditures, and tempt libraries to become activity rather than literacy based centers. As libraries expand their scope to increase declining usage statistics, it also places additional responsibility on library staff.

What is their scope of power in relation to new populations?

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As an example, in the Fluvanna Free Library one new population we are serving is the developmentally disabled. This group has presented challenging behavior to the staff who face situations they are not prepared or trained to handle. This has prompted meetings with community agencies to find cooperative solutions. This program will not only walk you through the entire podcasting process, from inception to recording and posting, but will also suggest very affordable and easy-to-use equipment that won't break the bank! Clark Memorial Library.

Laura Weber

This grant has increasingly grown to be a "school library" grant. Seven school library systems received the grant this round. This session will include an introduction to the curriculum and to the badging platform, as well as a hands-on exercise. Innovation and Disruption in Libraries Sponsors: ESLN The presenter will discuss technology disruption as it relates to library work with patrons and with managing access to knowledge.

She focuses on the role of technological innovation in services offered—but also on the complexities and risks of balancing disruption narratives with the libraries' established roles in higher education and society at large. Finding a balance in this arena hinges on a better understanding of the difference between the larger relevance of library work as it is commonly perceived, and the ways in which this work has recently changed by and through technological disruption.

Libraries operate under a different standard, but why? And should libraries change their philosophy of maintaining strict patron privacy? John Fisher College, Lavery Library.

Cheek -- Additional notes

Get tips and tools from experienced presenters who will discuss real scenarios and solutions involving personnel and patrons. By offering STEAM programs to your community, your library can provide an opportunity for students to develop skills in communication, creativity, problem solving, critical thinking and analysis.

Children, families, and adults will be encouraged to ask questions, learn transferable skills, and delve into basic scientific concepts. Learn how to find talented and passionate instructors, and discover fun and easy ways to transform your existing library offerings into STEAM programs that will inspire creativity, laughter, and camaraderie! I'm a Librarian, Ask Me Anything! Ask our panel of amazing librarians! This presentation will focus on discussing advocacy and how you can use conversations, connections, and empowered staff to gain allies in your day-to-day advocacy efforts.

You know what you do on a daily basis, but do administrators, colleagues and community members understand your value? Feel like you're drowning in a sea of demands with no one to help you to shore?

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You are not alone! Working with a buddy can help you improve your service, inspire your programming, increase your circulation and raise your profile. Join school librarian Katrina Williams and public librarian Annie Miller as we show you realistic ways to begin a partnership that can withstand choppy seas. People have used Github for free personal webpages, project documentation, collaborative writing, or even home repairs.

While Git can be unintuitive, it is a surprisingly simple and effective tool to manage changes and share documents among a large group of collaborators. Participants will gain knowledge of the typical uses of Git and Github for project planning and metadata version control. They will understand how to start and update a Git repository with basic Git commands, the Github desktop application, or just through a browser.

Participants will also learn how to submit pull request to identify issues in other projects, and gain an overview of potential uses of Github Pages. Learn how to pull, clone, and fork your way to better collaborative projects. Computers or coding skills are not required, but participants are invited to bring a laptop for some hands-on introduction. Throughout the presentation, live examples will be shown for multiple skill levels, and participants will be invited to try some simple steps themselves, or just follow along with the presentation. Letter to the Ayuntamiento of San Buenaventura, August 29, , and proclamation, September 9, , of a royal decree dated April 22, , concerning rights and privileges of the Indians.

Written for the most part in Numerical listing by original volume, of contents of series of works, chiefly pamphlets, , so designated in H. Bancroft Collection. Correspondence, speech transcripts, and photographs, relating to German politics, requests of office-seekers, and the last will of President Paul von Hindenburg.

Includes letters to Major General Paul X. Kelley, United States Marine Corps. United States currency: early colonial and continental; pre-Civil War state-issued; Civil War-era and Confederate States of America; postage and fractional currency; and some 20th century bills. Military Payment Certificates from 20th century. Foreign currency: from a variety of countries; Examples of handmade and other fine papers from around the world, along with materials on papermaking. Related cataloged items including works by Dard Hunter can be searched on Pegasus.

Originals and contemporary copies. Two stock certificates issued to Mrs. Bramlett; letters concerning the company from the California Dept. One signed by John Hoesch for C.

Wakulla news ( 05-22-2014 )

Curry, Secretary of State; the other by Lew A. Norton, License Superintendent. Letters from Ora Oak to Joseph C. Perry; printed propectus and table of contents included. The papers documenting the Richfield Building span 8 linear feet and date from to This collection documents the Richfield Building on the corner of 6th and Flower Street in downtown Los Angeles primarily through photographs, correspondence concerning the Chiefly records of Edward S. Van Dyck, Albert S.

Include papers on the following: William C. Bryant, James F. Cooper, Richard H. Dana, Jr.

Highlighting the History of Astronomy in the Asia-Pacific Region | SpringerLink

Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Sophia P. Hawthorne, Oliver W. Holmes, Henry W. Longfellow, Herman Melville, William H. Prescott, Harriet B. Stowe and Walt Whitman Concerning Americanization projects, welfare and entertainment programs, shipbuilding, relief activities, etc. Prepared by students in UC School of Librarianship courses in the history of the book and history of printing. Papers obtained by H. Bancroft for his History of California, documenting the capture and occupation of Sonoma in , M. Vallejo's imprisonment, and events leading to his release. They relate mainly to the Donner Party, McKinstry's work as sheriff for the Sacramento District, estimates of the whites and Indians in the Sacramento Valley, and early steamboats on the Sacramento River.

Included also is a pay roll of the An appeal from Superior Court, San Francisco, involving title to a number of vara lots levied upon and sold by the sheriff under judgement in suit, Jesse D. Carr vs. Reports Contents: Draft of brief for the United States in U. Land Commission Case no. District Court, San Francisco. Include photocopy of original California land grant documents now in the National Archives; transcripts of documents from U. Land Commission and District Court cases; abstract of title, ; and documents pertaining to later litigation, with related material.

Enclosure to letter 6 June from Constance Spencer: letter to her from F. Adams, Jr. Lee Davis, Director of the project, organized and planned the conference. Signed originals, copies, and drafts relating to Baja California in and primarily to the war between Mexico and the United States. Deal with military needs and maneuvers, war-time legislation, the meritorious conduct of various officers, the treachery of Francisco A few autobiographical sketches collected by Mrs.