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4 bedroom terraced house

On our show we review how emotions play a role on a large scale. One example is a recent letter to the editor that talked about what we should do with revenues Lovely conversation with Joy about emotions in general and the best emotions for planning a wedding. Conversation with Dave about stopping drug use and changing his circumstances. And I also discuss how do you successfully move on when you have failed at something important. The show opens with an interesting call about the importance of relationships and a reference to an article in Harvard Business Review.

For the last 30 minutes I How to handle a challenging conversation. Midway through the show two separate callers ask about situations they are facing.

One has to deal with someone Feedback is important but it is very difficult at times for people to give feedback or to receive feedback. We discuss an emotionally intelligent approach to getting Our mission is to change that. The Hartford Foundation is dedicated to the vibrancy of each of the 29 towns in the Greater Hartford Region.

We are coming to all the cities and towns we What are the different types and signs of eating disorders?

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What is it like to have an eating disorder? The panel: Julia Tannenbaum, local teen and author of Watch to learn about all the new additions including a Duathlon, a Kids Run, The show is about the Patriots Super Bowl victory. We focus on older people winning and underdogs rising to the occasion.

There is also a wonderful caller who shares a concern about how to help his spouse deal with a workplace where she is struggling. Wednesday Night is Business Night, January 23, In partnership with the Simsbury Chamber of Commerce, students from The Master's School experience a day-in-the-life of a business professional in the greater I discuss recreational marijuana and some other potential changes to our laws.

We also talk about inspiring stories based on people keeping their new year This program We discuss how to deal with the emotions associated with dealing with the possessions of someone you love who has passed on. While the initial caller Wednesday Night is Business Night, Deceber 12, Ceremony held to honor veterans of wars past and present. Held at the Simsbury Cemetery on December 15, Hosted by The Abigail Phelps Chapter of the Trust Matters in Organizations: Trust is key to productivity, engagement, and profitability.

Research and practice are shared in these two interviews with In this episode of the Emotion Roadmap the focus is on a father has lost contact with his teen age daughter due to unfortunate circumstances.

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Students | University of Bath

We discuss how Wednesday Night is Business Night, November 7, Judy is a friend and colleague Our religious traditions teach us that we should treat others with love, kindness and generosity. Yet, our impulses and actions often betray those core values. A look at the history of conservation in America.

A caller The show was not recorded on camera. However the audio copy has multiple callers with interesting conversations about controlling anxiety and hoarding at the The U. It flows through the towns of Colebrook, Hartland, Barkhamsted, New What makes for an excellent worker or team member. Discussions about honesty and why it is sometimes hard to be honest. Another caller wanted to talk about A discussion focused on mindfulness strategies to combat stress related issues in teenagers and adults.

The the first of three programs about Climate Change. Walczak R , Robert H. Kalechman I , and incumbent John K. Hampton D. Sponsored by the Stress relief for kids, parents and teachers.

The topic for this show is what are you doing as a volunteer, to make the world a better place. To change your mood from sadness or anger or disappointment Wednesday Night is Business Night, August 1, What can organizations do to engage volunteers? Callers discuss dealing with impossible sales goals, creating a startup new business, and developing teamwork with a group of ballerinas. Nov 10, Hoffman Auditorium, University of St. Callers discuss mentoring others and being mentored, vacationing in Jamaica, and the inability to identify emotions in others or in oneself.

April 26, , Simsbury Public Library speaker Dr. William Moomaw, Emeritus Prof. April is National Volunteer Month. Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity? This intergenerational event featured over 25 local organizations that could use Together, we thrive! This month's View focuses on Simsbury events during May's National Bike Month, the Bike Challenge, bike education in school and after school, and bike safety. Watch to learnwhat it entails, where to sign up, how to volunteer or the best In the wake of February's high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, this edition of Simsbury School News looks at school security and safety, how schools handle threats and what parents Based on many years experience as a medical doctor in internal medicine, Dr.

John Cappadona brings his view of what makes health care so expensive today. He will describe those reasons, and Work has begun on plans to celebrates Simsbury's th birthday in In this month's edition of the Simsbury View learn what the town did for its big th celebration and how you can Meredith and Allison talk about overcoming anxiety. Jim and Dave discuss customer and employee satisfaction. Wednesday Night is Business Night, December 13, Held at the Simsbury Cemetery on December 16, State Representative John Hampton sits down with students, parents, and faculty from St.

Mary's School Simsbury, to celebrate its 60th Anniversary. We discuss engagement again and then we hear from Breanna, a woman who had a series of wonderful events happen which were followed by many upsetting challenges.

The key was helping her get control back in her life. December's Simsbury School News looks at how the town fared in the state budget and previews the outlook for future school budgets and capital improvements. Eno Memorial Hall Wednesday Night is Business Night, September 13, Wednesday Night is Business Night, October 25, Duncaster launched the state's first 60 Over 60 awards in January looking for people ages 60 or better living lives to be admired, lives that inspire.

This month, Simsbury School News introduces winners of the award winning town educators: Simsbury's Teacher, Educator and Paraeducator of the We begin with how do you engage team members at work and we conclude talking about dealing with a very difficult family member. The program will focus on stress related issues in teenagers and young adults. Topics include school, parental pressure, college preparation and the transition to college. We begin with national and local issues and then move on to the question of whether Steve Jobs was emotionally intelligent. In , students from the Favarh Summer Internship interviewed a dozen people about their career journeys, from childhood to today.

A caller has had a life she described as epic which is now tragic. She wants to turn anxiety to confidence. She is autistic. A second caller has just been told he Wednesday Night is Business Night, August 9, Simsbury's State Representative John K. Includes Simsbury Police Dept. We begin asking the eternal questions what is truth, beauty, and goodness? We answer with rapport building, anti-bullying, and people supporting others and Immediately following the shooting of Congressman Scalise I asked listeners for help in finding ways to tone down the rhetoric and to raise the level of civility.

Two callers directly discuss this and another caller talks about the Sandy Hook Promise. Wednesday Night is Business Night, June 21, Michael J. Science states we have substantial control over our ability to create happiness. In a fun show listeners share what they do to be happy. Coaching others involves empathy and emotional awareness. Joanie wants her friend to make a rational change.

She learns that change involves emotional The Simsbury Aging and Disability Commission continue Wednesday Night is Business Night, May 31, Interview with Dr. Lenzy Wallace, author about his book Turning No to On. Lenzy is a friend and colleague who turned 90 and shares wonderful stories about the Jodie talks about how she has learned to handle anxiety.

Jessica calls and asks about understanding how to relate to her husband and his midlife crisis. And Tootin Hills Project Outreach video.

Upcoming Events

We discuss ways workplace behavior undermines engagement and often devalues employees. Lisa wants her back pay and Warren feels better now that he is We feature a guest speaker about "No Labels". A story of friendship, acceptance, and forgiveness. Still concerned about relationships that are eroding due to the election results, consider a New Year resolution to work at hard at civility, especially with people Today's show is all about your 'Best Boss Ever'.

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