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  1. Contra Costa DUI Cases in the Martinez Courthouse
  2. Clear Your Criminal Record - Robbi A. Cook
  4. Prop 47 floods San Diego Courts with pleas resentencing and expungements
  5. Other Bay Area counties have already banned the practice

You may be eligible for an expungement if you received probation and the following took place:. If you were not sentenced to probation, you may also apply for expungement if the following took place:. Our talented Oakland expungement lawyers aim to provide all of our clients with high level and results-driven support in order to accomplish their expungement goals.

Contra Costa DUI Cases in the Martinez Courthouse

We do this in all our cases including criminal defense of misdemeanors, felonies, and DUIs. We provide important legal advice to help you clean your record and clarify the complicated legal processes in order to best help you protect your reputation and safeguard your rights. Expungement law differs greatly from state to state and having an experienced, competent Oakland expungement lawyer at your side is fundamental to your success. We believe that your success is our success too and clearing your name is our utmost priority.

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Clear Your Criminal Record - Robbi A. Cook

We would love to know your thoughts on this article. During her career in the legal field, she has worked as a freelance paralegal, law office manager and paralegal studies teacher, and has co-authored numerous legal publications and written hundreds of self-help legal articles. As a registered Legal Document Assistant, Sandy is dedicated to providing affordable, low-cost, self-help document preparation services for California consumers in all 58 counties. Next day went to local police station and given my photo and fingerprints. With in a week, received a letter from Santa Clara district attorney saying that you are eligible for diversion program for first time offence under petty theft misdemeanor.

I never been to court and there is no record on my name in the court. They searched and given the letter with no record on my name. Have below questions. Kindly please hep me. How do I expunge my arrest record in California 2. How to get official letter about case dismissal I received about diversion program completion letter, never received about case dismissal Thank you for your time and help. Hi Chris — If you are looking for help with this process, I would recommend you call the office at and speak with our Expungement specialist.

Do I really need to get my record expunged again. What should I do? Sometimes expunged records still show up in certain databases. Unfortunately that issue is beyond our scope of services.

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You want to make sure that you do your due diligence to confirm that the conviction is expungeable as we only prepare the documents and do not not advise nor research the issue. I got my license suspended and never realized it because I moved to a different state and irresponsibly sold my car without changing the title or doing any paperwork. It was suspended for lack of insurance. Yet I no longer had a car for a couple years. I just got a car and I paid those feed but insurance is charging dollars a year. Hello, I have a case from and am looking to get an expungement but i am still paying restitution.

Can i still file or do all fees have to be paid prior?

Unfortunately because we are NOT attorneys, we are unable to answer these kinds of questions as answering them would be considered giving legal advice. Many attorneys in this area of law offer a free consultation so I would try talking advantage of that option. Paralegals cannot prepare legal documents for consumers. Our office is a registered legal document assistant which is the requirement to offer legal document assistant services. Many cases do not require a court appearance in front of a judge. For example, an uncontested divorce could be completed without the parties ever having a court appearance.

An Expungement may or may not require a hearing. It varies by court and situation. Hi I got a misdemeanor case for battery case was close and clear of but when I apply for job it was still there causing me to loose my job. Talk to an attorney to see what your options are. Once you have that answer you can reach out to us to see if we can help with the required paperwork. I have a felony for domestic violence.

I got a felony charge when I was younger and got another one about 2 years later.


Never served state prison time, only county jail. Does having 2 felonies instead of just one make it impossible to clear my record? I live in Illinois, im trying to get a charge expunged in California.

Do I need to obtain finger prints from my local authority to have to process started? Hi my question would be for a dry wreckless a 2 point conviction on my record Im currently a Class A Driver. And i cant get a job anywhere due to that, i was giving 10 sessions of parenting classes complete 26 AA classes also complete.

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Credit for 1day jail time. I am currently 28 years old.

Prop 47 floods San Diego Courts with pleas resentencing and expungements

When I was I was convicted for an armed robbery and spent about a year in jail. It has now been 10 years and I have not gotten in any sort of trouble. Is it possible to get my record expunged? I would ask an attorney this question. Once you know whether the record is expungeable, we can help you with the paperwork.

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Hi I have one felony which is terrorist threat I did 9 months in county and 3 months in prison I believe it was a turnaround can I still have my felony exsponged? Talk to an attorney regarding this.

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I read it on another online site. So would it be better to do nothing and let the erasuretake place, or file a petition to expunge the misdemeanor? In other words, Would filing for expungement misdemeanor after seven years make something appear on your record that would otherwise not be there at all anymore???? Milla — I would recommend you speak with an attorney exerienced in these types of matters.

We are not lawyers and under California law cannot give you legal advice. Good luck!

Other Bay Area counties have already banned the practice

I went through a trial but all charges were dropped. I went to the court house and the case still came up so I got a copy of it. Contra Costa County District 1 Supervisor John Gioia said the public protection committee that he and District 5 Supervisor Federal Glover sit on will likely recommend that the Board of Supervisors at least temporarily stop charging court fees and fines while the issue is studied further.

The county started heading in that direction in the the fall of , when it ended the practice of collecting fees from the families of juvenile inmates to help defer costs of housing or monitoring them through electronic ankle bracelets. At the end of that year, the county took another step by allowing families who had paid care fees to get refunds — just before California in became the first state to drop all administrative fees in juvenile delinquency cases. Now, counties around the state are focusing on adult court. Last year, San Francisco eliminated all criminal administrative fees under its control, freeing 21, people from having to pay millions of dollars.

One presenter said the fees had effectively replaced Black Codes, a system of draconian laws from the Reconstruction Era used to force ex-slaves back into servitude. Rebecca Brown, the director of Reentry Solutions, said the group also opposes the use of a private company to collect unpaid fines and fees.